magic quadrant for static application security testing

 At Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021 for application security testing, Synopsys was ranked highest and furthest for the third consecutive( magic quadrant for static application security testing )  year in terms of our ability to execute and complete visibility. Real leadership is helping others succeed. This is as true in the world of cybersecurity as anywhere else, 

a philosophy we take seriously in Synopsys. That's why I'm proud to announce that for the fifth year in a row, Gartner has developed Synopsys as a leader in Magic Quadrant for application security testing (AST). For the third year in a row, Synopsys ranks No. 1 in execution capability and complete vision. This continued appreciation from Gartner reflects our commitment to building trust in software and helping our ( magic quadrant for static application security testing ) customers succeed by bridging the gap between development and security and enabling their developers to expand faster.

Speed vs. friction: The new dynamics of AppSec

For our clients, speed is the name of the game. The sooner they can get their offerings to market, the more successful they are. Software developers must act quickly to keep pace, checking for code changes on a daily or even hourly basis. Anything that hinders or slows them down is a potential threat to their actions. Gartner also noted this new reality, as stated in the Magic Quadrant report: "Customers need offerings that deliver strong security and high value outcomes without

 unnecessarily slowing down development efforts. Customers expect bids to run.Tests often led by developers rather( magic quadrant for static application security testing )  than security specialists.Therefore, this market assessment focuses more on the buyer's needs for rapid support and testing that can be integrated in an increasingly automated way throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Given the emphasis on speed and  complexity that comes with managing massive software growth, it's no surprise that weaknesses ( magic quadrant for static application security testing ) in the application layer remain the biggest threat to cybersecurity. At the same time, appSec teams have learned the hard way that throwing more automation and more testing tools into the mix isn't the answer when it's the most noise. In fact, more automation

 and more testing often leads to pipeline crashes and fatigue for developers, causing them to spend more time tracking dead ends than building software. our leading portfolio of application security testing products and services, we recognized the need to do more to help our customers overcome friction and complexity within their SDLC. What was missing was the ability to coordinate various

 testing solutions, improved in terms of speed and efficiency, within their development tool chains and workflows. Our response to this need is  to intelligently coordinate an AppSec automation pipeline that ensures  the right ( magic quadrant for static application security testing ) security tests are performed in a timely manner. It runs only  the tests you need, when you need them, and filters  results based on risk, so developers can focus on

 what matters most. Its concepts, techniques and improvements have been developed through years of experience to help customers overcome speed balancing challenges  with large amounts of security test results. The seamless integration of Smart Coordination with existing pipelines and development tool chains, including open source and third-party tools, is essential in our quest to provide seamless, value-driven solutions to the market.

Industry-leading portfolio of products and services

Synopsys is committed to providing the most comprehensive set of AppSec tools, and our Gartner Magic Quadrant website provides validation of this commitment. The strength of our portfolio goes through two dimensions. First, the portfolio is the most comprehensive on the market, complementing the core elements ( magic quadrant for static application security testing ) of SAST (Coverity®), DAST (Tinfoil Web Scanner), IAST (Seeker®) and SCA (Black Duck®) with unique offerings such as Defensics® Protocol Fuzzing and Tinfoil API

 Scanner™ among. Second, each tool stands out as a market leader in its career. For example, Coverity and Black Duck are the pioneers of The Forrester Wave hardware analysis and software configuration  reports, respectively. Here is a brief summary of our portfolio:

  • Coverity provides world-class Fixed Application Security Testing (SAST) for security and quality. For organizations in the Internet of Things or selling products with embedded software, the combination of quality and security is essential.

  •  Coverity continues to expand language and framework support and is now available in the cloud. Black Duck offers comprehensive Software Configuration Analysis (SCA) functionality, including our unique ability to perform binary code analysis via Black Duck Binary Analysis.

  •  No other product has the analytical depth  and precision of Black Duck, which is essential as the use of open source  continues to grow. 

  • The Researcher Interactive Application Security Test (IAST) allows users to test running applications and provides active testing to determine if a vulnerability (eg XSS or SQL injections) can be exploited. Seeker easily integrates into the CI/Flow of CD work, which allows you to test devOps quickly. Defensive jamming enables organizations to detect and address entity vulnerabilities in software

  •  security that have gone undetected by traditional AST tools. Synopsys is the only vendor to offer scrambling as part of our portfolio and we believe it provides organizations with an attractive option for additional coverage.Synopsys offers a full range of managed services for SAST testing and dynamic application security testing (DAST), as well as mobile device testing. 

  • Our managed services capabilities mean  we don't have to say no to customers who have requirements that include specialist languages ​​and other requirements. Tinfoil Web Scanner provides DAST features that focus on developer needs.

  •  It integrates deeply into the devOps environment, allowing customers to effectively integrate security into their development processes. 

  • Tinfoil API Scanner provides testing for modern API-based applications.

  •  It is the perfect tool for IoT applications and mobile devices.

  •  As applications are increasingly based on a complex mini-service architecture that uses RESTful APIs, Tinfoil API Scanner will be an essential tool for identifying vulnerabilities.

( magic quadrant for static application security testing )

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